Get back to nature in an idyllic setting
Ideal for hiking, cycling or horseback riding

La Garrida is located in the middle of Sierra Morena, a unique setting very close to the capital city, from where you can explore different walking, cycling or horseback riding trails. Visitors will be surprised by the landscape of Córdoba.

Ideal for stargazing

At night, with hardly any light pollution, you can observe some of the greatest spectacles that the natural world has to offer: a completely starry sky where you can identify different constellations.

Ideal for fishing

Fishing is also a great attraction thanks to its proximity to La Breña reservoir. As a result of carp abundance, La Breña is a point of reference for carp fishing, nevertheless reservoir waters are also rich in black bass and pikes.

A perfect place to pick wild mushrooms and asparagus

If you are a fungi fan or you like to go out on the field and pick asparagus, depending on the season, the surroundings of La Garrida offer an ideal setting for its picking.