Rural house right in the heart of Sierra Morena

La Garrida is located only five minutes’ walk from La Breña Reservoir, one of the largest in Andalusia, where you can wakeboard or waterski. A Countryside Activity Centre is located alongside the Reservoir whose supplementary offer is as varied as taking a solar-powered boat trip, Kayak hiring, paddleboarding, archery or zip-line riding and even scaling a climbing wall.

The country house La Garrida is located at the foot of the Natural Park of Hornachuelos, its Mediterranean forests and riverbanks are among the best- preserved areas of Sierra Morena.

Its trails will transport you to places full of charm where you can watch the flight of birds like storks, eagles or vultures as well as otters, mongooses, wild boars, deer and even Iberian Lynx. Do not forget to taste the Serrano delicacies such as cold or game meats, after your hiking route.
The city of Córdoba is an absolute must-see located at 22 kilometers. Is one of the most recognized cultural destinations in the world, boasting four declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Mosque-Cathedral (1984), The Old Town (1994), The Courtyards Festival (2012) and the just declared Caliphate City of Medina Azahara (2018). The Mosque-Cathedral is without a doubt, Córdoba’s crown jewel. It is the only cathedral in the world that was built inside an old Mosque; a stunning monument that will both surprise and impress you and will forever be engraved on your memory.